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May 23 at 5:30

Core Logic Nelson, 101-625 Front St 


Dev Ops and Continuous Delivery

With Hamish Watson


You may have heard the word "DevOps" and wondered whether it is just another buzzword and/or what it can do for you.

In this session I will demystify the concepts of DevOps and we will look at two aspects of DevOps - Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery.

Continuous Integration is the practice in which software developers frequently integrate their work with that of other members of the development team.It also involves automating tests around the integrated work

Continuous Delivery is the next step after Continuous Integration in the deployment pipeline and is the process of automating the deployment of software to test, staging, and production environments.

Database migrations/changes are an area that may not be typically automated or utilise Continuous Delivery.

Through the use of a comprehensive live demo to a running database hosted in Azure the audience will learn the benefits and how to implement Continuous Delivery in their database systems deployment pipeline.


As always there will be Good Food and Great Conversation.  

The Core Logic Nelson office will be the generous host of our meetings again this year.  Please contact me if you need directions. 

Please RSVP to the main doors close at 5 and you will need to be let in.